People suffering from sleep disorders and referred from the community by family physicians, ENTs, neurologists, etc. are tested at Loewenstein Hospital's Sleep Disorders Unit in Ra'anana. Most examinees referred to the unit suffer from snoring and suspected sleep apnea and some due to other sleep disorders such as hypersomnia, irregular sleep-wake syndrome, motor disorders, epilepsy, insomnia, etc.

There are five beds in the unit, in which tests are performed every night (apart from a sixth). Daytime tests are also performed in the unit to objectively evaluate the extent of sleepiness during the day. These tests are especially important to prevent work and road accidents. Professional drivers are sent to us by the Ministry of Transport for this purpose.

The Sleep Disorders Unit is headed by Dr. Arie Oksenberg, who has been working at the hospital for more than 20 years. Dr. Oksenberg is a neurophysiologist with a master’s degree in Medical Sciences from the Technion. He completed his doctorate in Mexico and a post-doctorate in sleep research at Dallas, USA. His team also includes Prof. Nathan Gadot, Adult and Child Neurologist and Director of the Neurology Unit at Mayanei HaYeshua Medical Center, and Dr. Tatiana Vander, Neurologist and Rehabilitation Physician. The laboratory team includes a secretary and day and night technicians, who perform the tests and interpret the test charts.

Test procedure

When the unit receives a medical referral, the laboratory sends the examinee a questionnaire and an appointment for a meeting. If, during the meeting, it is determined that a test is required, the examinee arrives at the laboratory at 09:00 p.m. on the scheduled date and is admitted by a technician, who attaches electrodes and sensors to the patient to record biological signals during sleep: the signals represent eye movement, muscle tension, brain waves, heart function, breathing function, blood oxygen levels, etc. The examinee is recorded by video and audio during the night and at six in the morning, the test ends. Some examinees stay for a day test, while others return home.

In the morning, the team accurately interprets the test recordings. It reviews the course and integrity of the sleep in 30-second cycles to check whether there is any disruption and how it is expressed. The data is summarized and within a week the examinee is invited for a summarization meeting to receive the findings and treatment recommendations. The examinee receives the report and transfers to the referring physician.

Reception hours:

Day: Operating hours Attending specialist Languages
Sunday 8:30-16:00 Dr. Arie Oksenberg Hebrew, English, Spanish
Monday 8:30-14:00 Dr. Arie Oksenberg Hebrew, English, Spanish
Monday 14:00-18:00 Prof. Nathan Gadot Hebrew, English
Wednesday 8:30-16:00 Dr. Arie Oksenberg Hebrew, English, Spanish
Wednesday 10:30 -14:30 Dr. Tatiana Vander Hebrew, English, Russian

The Sleep Disorders Unit is located on the 1st Floor of the Fleischman Building, Room 225. Loewenstein Hospital address: 248 Ahuza Street, Ra'anana.

To schedule an appointment with a specialist or for further information, kindly contact Dana Ovadia at tel: 09-7709120 (in Hebrew).

A fax may be sent to 09-7709123.




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