For the first time in Israel: you can consult with a certified lactation consultant by an internet video chat. The simplest way and the most intimate: without the need to schedule an appointment, to be drag around with the baby and without leaving the house.

All you want is to nurse (breastfeed) but it's unbearable. The nipples hurt and each time the baby reaches to a nipple your teeth clench and you consider the option to give up. Don't give up. From this day and forward the CLALIT certified lactation consultants are there for you, without you having to leave the house.

The on-line nursing service provides you with a personal nursing guidance on all the pained nursing issues - does he suckle enough? Which position should I put her in? How much time should it take on each side? How do I treat an infection? How to preserve the milk?

In order to learn about the proper nursing, all you have to do is sit next to the computer at home, equipped with a simple internet video camera and a microphone connected to the computer, and talk, demonstrate, ask and consult.

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In order to receive the lactation consultant service there is no need for an early registration or purchasing a subscription. The service is free of charge for CLALIT customers only.

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When will the service be available?
The service starts operating on January 4th, 2011, between 10:00 and 16:00 hours.

What equipment is necessary in order to maintain the chat?

  • A simple internet video camera (any camera in your possession is sufficient)
  • A simple net microphone (any microphone in your possession is sufficient)
  • At least 1.5 MB width internet connection
  • We recommend a well lit place to make it easier for the lactation consultant to see you and you baby

A camera and a microphone are necessary for the connection to succeed. Most of the internet cameras nowadays are equipped with a microphone, so in most cases there is no need to purchase one separately.

How much does the on-line nursing consultant service cost?

The service is free and exclusive to CLALIT customers

What can the nursing consultant do for me?

  • The nursing consultant can get objectively overview the nursing position and the way the baby grasps the nipple during the breastfeeding process and thus direct you through the right positions.
  • The nursing consultant can assess, in consideration of the information you provide, whether the breastfeeding process is sufficient and effective for the baby.
  • The nursing consultant can explain you how to increase the milk production
  • The nursing consultant can guide you through the ways to preserve the pumped milk and how to warm it up and use it when necessary
  • The lactation consultant can identify cases of congestion and inflammation and recommend the appropriate treatment
  • The lactation consultant can provide you with small wise tips, optimized especially for you. Those will assist you to prevail over the difficult hours, and those exist.
  • The lactation consultant will support you and your decision to breastfeed during times of distress and uncertainty.

Do not hesitate to ask the lactation consultant any question that bothers you and request any breastfeeding direction or guidance.

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Recommendations on what to prepare for the conversation with the lactation consultant:

  • The fullest medical information about the baby, as possible
  • The age of the baby
  • Details about the pregnancy
  • Weight at birth, the delivery manner, any special problems occurring during the delivery or the hospitalization
  • The number of wet diapers a day
  • The daily number of diapers with outputs
  • If you're using a pump, lay it next to yourself
  • The list of medication you use
  • Any additional information that you believe to be important and essential

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  • An on-line pediatrician: an on-line video chat with specialized pediatricians from the Schneider children medical center, from the CLALIT group, during the hours when the clinics are closed
  • CLALIT by cellular: from now on you can also schedule a doctor's appointment by phone

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